Gov. Zulum hands over to deputy Umar Kadafur

Borno State Governor Babagana Umara Zulum handed over the Borno state government to his deputy Omar Usman Kadafur.

Zulum appealed to the Borno Assembly on April 23, 2021, to allow legislators to take a 21-day leave.

The governor also demanded that the Assembly approve the deputy governor as acting governor within 21 days for a constitutional transfer, as he was compelled to notify the chamber under Article 190 (1) of the constitution. Borno State has full authority to manage affairs without appealing to the governor.

However, Zulum's spokesman Mallam Isa Gusau said in a statement on Saturday that the Borno State Assembly House had approved the governor's request.

The statement added that the confirmation was conveyed in a letter dated April 26, 2021 by the Speaker of the Assembly, Abdulkarim Lovan.

The statement added: "Governor Zulum has directed all government officials and institutions to fully comply with the transfer of his powers."

Now Kadafur will serve as acting governor from April 29 to May 19, 2021.

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