Joe Igbokwe Denies Being Attacked In Lagos

The Special Adviser to the Lagos State Government's response to environmental cleansing and protection,  Hon Joe Igbokwe, came after news that he had been attacked by a group of angry youths.

Honorable Igbokwe took over his social media, if he said that something like this never happened, and asked the audience to ignore such news, as he said, "hate kids," he said.

My friends, Please ignore the lies of the miserable, miserable, hateful children and their followers because I have been attacked by angry youth in Lagos today. It was a figment of the imagination of the lost generation who knew nothing but how to tell outright lies and lies, spread outrageous nonsense, name other Nigerians and sow discord.

I was busy attending our weekly meeting on Monday with my colleagues which ended at around 8pm today. May God help these lost generations and a set of unbridled loose laws to receive common sense and understanding. I will continue to preach that Igbo must imbibe cultural competence and emotional intelligence in Nigeria. They should learn how to build bridges across Nigeria and not burn bridges. This is common sense.

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