Osogbo Boys Protest Against ‘EFCC’s Harassment’

There have been reports of protests by the EFCC against the harassment of youth in Osogbo.

According to the information we received, some EFCC officials raided Adetunji's property, Òsogbo, in the middle of the night to attack some people suspected of Internet fraud. Young men in the area blocked major roads in the area to prevent officials from moving.

The EFCC came to Osogbo and chose 2 o’clock to start breaking people’s doors and taking them away. In about an hour, more than 20 cars were confiscated from 31 fraud suspects on Adetunji Street.

Will Internet fraudsters meet with HQ?

It is now happening in Osogbo.

Some young people who opposed the EFCC’s persecution have now blocked the Dele ha sir circle. I am told that the same thing is happening in other places like the Lameco junction.

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