DOWNLOAD HAI TU – Yeshua Ministries [MP3 + LYRICS]

Here’s a brand new song tagged HAI TU from Yeshua Ministries, a super talented music star.

If you are really a fan of good and decent music, then HAI TU is a great tune to have in your music playlist.

Listen and share your thoughts below!


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Sing aloud gospel hymns to God, our strength, we make a jubilant noise to the God of Jacob with gospel melodies on acceptable harmony for the honor of Jehovah and the allowable bliss of the soul.

May his faithful people rejoice in this honor and sing with joy. Gospel music is life and the Lord’s message to his people.


Verse 1:
Sooraj ki kirno mein
(in the rays of the sun)
Sagar ki lehero mein
(in the waves of the ocean)
Baarish ki boondo mein
(in the raindrops)
Hai Tu

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(You are there)

Phoolo ki khushboo mein
(in the scent of every flower)
Paarindo ke geeto mein
(in the song of every bird)
Beheti hawao mein
(in the blowing wind)
Hai Tu
(You are there)

Pre chorus:
Dekhu jahan
(wherever I look)
Tera nishaan
(I see Your signature your mark)
Hai har jagah

Tu hi tha
(You were always there)
Tu hi hai
(You are here right now)
Aur Tu hai sada
(And forever You will be)
Tere siva
(Except for You)
Koi na hai mera
(There is no one else for me)
Tu mera hai jahan
(You are my world)

Verse 2:
Meri har saaso mein
(In every breath I take)
Meri har baato mein
(In everything I say)
Neendo mein khwaabo mein
(In my sleep and in my dreams)
Hai Tu
(You are there)

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Ab na koi hai darr
(Now I’m not afraid)
Na hai fikkar
(Or worried anymore)
Tere hi pyar ka hai ye asar
(As a result of Your love)
Lehero pe aaoonga
(On the waves I will come)
Main chalkar
Tera naam hai Yeshu
(Your name Jesus)
Mera rehguzar
(Is my only way)

Praise break:
Yeshu naam
(The name Jesus)

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