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Here’s a brand new song tagged Umejua Kunifurahisha from Joel Lwaga and Chris Shalom, a super talented music star.

If you are really a fan of good and decent music, then Umejua Kunifurahisha is a great tune to have in your music playlist.

Listen and share your thoughts below!


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Sing aloud gospel hymns to God, our strength, we make a jubilant noise to the God of Jacob with gospel melodies on acceptable harmony for the honor of Jehovah and the allowable bliss of the soul.

May his faithful people rejoice in this honor and sing with joy. Gospel music is life and the Lord’s message to his people.


Baba, umejua kunifurahisha
Baba aah! Umenifuta machozi
Daddy oh! Umejua kunifurahisha
Baba aah, nitakusifu milele
Baba, (baba) umejua kunifurahisha
Baba, (baba) umenifuta machozi

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Daddy oh, (daddy) umejua kunifurahisha
Baba aah, nitakusifu milele
Umerudisha tabasamu langu usoni
Umerejesha na furaha yangu moyoni
Umenijibu kwa wakati nisiyodhani (yeah)
Baba, umejua kunifurahisha
Niliyeitwa laana, nimefanyika baraka
Niliyeonekana sifai, umeniheshimisha
Umenipa sababu ya kujidai na kukutukuza aah
Baba, umejua kunifurahisha
Hey baba!
Baba… (Baba) umejua kunifurahisha (baba yangu baba)
Baba umenifuta machozi
(Kweli daddy ooh…)
Daddy oh, (daddy) umejua kunifurahisha
Baba, (baba) nitakusifu milele
Baba yangu baba
Baba umejua kunifurahisha (Yesu wewe)
Baba umenifuta machozi (umeondoa aibu yangu)
Daddy ooh… Daddy oh, (daddy) umejua kunifurahisha
(Eeih baba) Baba nitakusifu milele
Father to the fatherless!
Look at what you’ve done for me
You’ve done for me!
You wiped the tears from my eyes, Lord!
Look what you’ve done for me eeh!
The chains and shackles that held me bound, you have cut it all away
Oh what a life! The beautiful life you’ve given me
Baba umejua kunifurahisha
Baba nitakusifu milele
Baba, umejua kunifurahisha (baba)!
Baba, umenifuta machozi (daddy ooh)!
Daddy oh, umejua kunifurahisha (oooh! baba)
Baba, nitakusifu milele
Baba, umejua kunifurahisha (you’ve turned my life around),
Baba, umenifuta machozi
Daddy oh, umejua kunifurahisha
(Baba baba baba) Baba nitakusifu milele
Eey! umejua kunifurahisha (baba… oooho)
Baba umejua kunifurahisha (baba… oohho)
My mother couldn’t do it, my father couldn’t do it (baba… oohho)
You dig me out from the other way

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Daddy ooh, umejua kunifurahisa
And you set my feet on the ground to stand (baba… ooho)
Kweli umeondoa aibu yangu baba (baba… ooohh)
Umenifuta machozi yangu, Jesus!
Eei! Daddy oh, (daddy) umejua kunifurahisha
Amani yako imenihifadhi baba
(Baba… ohho…)
Kweli umejua kunifurahisha
(Baba… ohho)
Oooh ooh oooh! (baba… ooh) baba!!
Daddy ooooh (daddy) umejua kunifurahisha
Hallelu… Hallelujah

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