DOWNLOAD Madam flora – Mwenye Majibu ft. Goodluck Gozbert [MP3 + LYRICS]

Here’s a brand new song tagged Mwenye Majibu from Madam flora and Goodluck Gozbert, a super talented music star.

If you are really a fan of good and decent music, then Mwenye Majibu is a great tune to have in your music playlist.

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Sing aloud gospel hymns to God, our strength, we make a jubilant noise to the God of Jacob with gospel melodies on acceptable harmony for the honor of Jehovah and the allowable bliss of the soul.

May his faithful people rejoice in this honor and sing with joy. Gospel music is life and the Lord’s message to his people.


Ufumo hauwezi kukusaidia (The structure will not help you)
Rafiki hawezi kukusaidia (Friends will not help you)
Mukuyu (?) hawezi kukusaidia (Practices(?) will not help you)
Mpenzi hawezi kukusaidia (Your lover will not help You)
Usheshindwa, yo hilo (You have been defeated by things)
Kwa mwanadamu hilo hilo (That is of the flesh)


Ulilete hilo, hilo (Bring them all)
Kwa Bwana Yesu, hilo hilo (To the Lord Jesus)
Amesema anatenda, umwamini (He said He will do it, believe Him)
Hajawai acha neno lipotee (He has never let His Word go in vain)
Alisema atatenda, nimeona (He said He will do it, and I’ve witnessed it)
Hajawahi shindwa kitu mfalme (The King has never been defeated)

Ndio yake moja, inabadilisha maisha (One yes from Him, changes lives)
Ndio yake moja, huleta amani (His one yes, brings peace)
Akisema sawa, utaheshimishwa (If He says yes, You will be respected)
Mwite tu, mwite tu, mwite tu (Just call Him, Just call Him, Just call Him)

Yupo mwenye majibu (The One with the answers is present)
Yeye asiye lala (The One who does not sleep)
Ndio, kwake ni ndio (Yes, in Him is Yes)
Hakuna, hakuna (Nothing, Nothing) (Repeat)

Kiti cha enzi, Kiti cha sifa (The Throne of authority, the Throne of praise)
Nyenyekea, utapata majibu (Humble yourself, You will receive your answers)
Kiti cha karne, zamani zote (The Throne of centuries, throne of ages)
Amini, amini, kuna jibu (Believe, believe, there is an answer)

Ameketi kwenye enzi (He is seated in authority)
Hakuna jambo gumu tena (There is nothing impossible again)
Kama afya, na uzima (Be it health, be it life)
Lolote, amini, amini (In everything, believe, believe)

Anajua maumivu (He knows the pain)
Anaona na machozi (He sees the tears)
Yeye ni Baba, yeye mlezi (He is the Father, He is the Caregiver)
Daima, daima, daima (Forever, forever forever)

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(Pre-Chorus + Refrain)

Tunapoandamia, tegemea, egemea – Bwana (As we toil, as we trust, as we lean on)
Mbawani mwako ni salama, tena (We find shelter under Your wings, also)
Jemedari wa majeshi ya ushindi, ushinde lote (The General of the Army of Victory, conquer all)
Tutashinda kwa heshima tena (We shall be victorious in respect once again)


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