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Here’s a brand new song tagged Worrier’s Medley from Bucy Radebe, a super talented music star.

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Sing aloud gospel hymns to God, our strength, we make a jubilant noise to the God of Jacob with gospel melodies on acceptable harmony for the honor of Jehovah and the allowable bliss of the soul.

May his faithful people rejoice in this honor and sing with joy. Gospel music is life and the Lord’s message to his people.


And as i was walking and looking
Around i noticed that, I was in heaven
In my vision
Walking towards God’s palace
And when i got to the gates and the angels came to me
And they asked me who, who are you?
And they also wanted something like a passport for me to enter
And this is what i said to them
Halempotsa tshepho (Tshepho yaka)
Ke tla re ke Jeso (Ke tla)ke tlare ke Jeso(re ke Jeso)
Ke lapetswe ho mongaka (ke la)

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Ke lapetswe (petswe)
Ho mongaka(Ho mongaka)
Ha hae ke ha heso (ha hae)
Ha hae ke heso(ke ha heso)
Halempotsa (halempotsa)
Hore tshepho yaka ke mang naa?(tshepo)
Tshepo yaka ke mang?(Yaka)
Ke tlare ke jeso ohh ohoo ohh (Ke tlare)
Ke tlare?(Ke e jeso)
Ke lapetsee(ke lapetsoe)ke lapetsee
Ho mongaka(ho mongaka)
Ha hae ke ha heso(ha hae)
Ha ha haee haee (ke ha heso)
And finally they opened the gates for me
As i was walking now in the palace
I saw God from a distance
Seating on his throne
And i just couldn’t couldn’t hold
Back the the joy that was in my heart
And i just said to him
Pela ha ha hao, ha ke fihla
O seke wa nteleka
Wena lefika laka ahaaaa
Ke tshabetsi ho wena
Ohoo ke tshabetse
Come on sing with me(tse ho wena)
Pela hao (pela hao) ha ke fihla (ha ke fihla)O seke wa ntekela Jeso(o
Seke wa nteleka)wena lefika laka.
(Wena lefika laka)lefika le sa tshikinyeheng,
Le sa tshikenyeng ke di emo (Ke tshabetsi)ke tshabetsi ho wena (tse
Ho wena)
Sing it one more time
Ke tshabetsi ho wena (ke tshabetsi ho wena)
And then one of the 24 elders came to me they gave me a chair of gold to seat in front of God
In his presence
And as i was there i wanted to sing for him and i
I thought if if if Merriam was here Merriam was going to say this
Fubeng sa haye ho ngodilwe
Diphiri le makunutu
Fubeng sa ha haye ho ngodilwe
Di phiri le Makunutu
O tseba tsohle tsa rona
O tseba tsohlee tsa rona
Yea lord
Diphiri le makunutu
And then after, i had done all that
I wanted to give me a special greeting
And i said
Ha ke hopola wena
Nna nka qhenehelang?
Tsentle nna hakena tsona
Ha kena tsona, tse nka ho kgahlisa
E sehlabelo saka!
Ke nna ka sebele
Jeso (Morena waka)
O se amogele (o se)
Sing it one more time ese hlabelo(amogele)
Ehh eheeeeee ese hee yeah(e se hlabelo saka)
Kenna ka sebele jeso(ke nna ka sebele)
Nothing else but me Lord
Nothing else but me God(ka sebele)
Jeso Morena waka(Jeso)
Jesoo (Morena waka)
O se amogele(O se amogele)
Yes lord, Yes Lord
Let my worship be a pleasing aroma unto
God, let my worship be a pleasing aroma to God
Let it be not just a gift but a pleasing aroma to God
And after telling him that
I wanted to tell him my problems now
Cause God is the only one that can
Deal with every situation in our life’s
Ke yena a timang a timang sefefo sa moya
And i said
Ke tla ka ditshila
Ke mo etsa dibe
Ke tlaaa
Ke le felafela
Ohoo o nkamogele
And i said
Ke tla (Come on!)
Ka ditshila
Nna Jeso ke mo etsa dibe
Come on sing
Ke tlaa ke le felafela
Ohoo o nkamogele
Yea lord
Ke mmolelle ditsietsi
Tse nkgathatsang
Tsa lefatshe
Ke role tsohle
Yea Lord
Ke role tsohle
Lekunutung le Morena
Ke mmolelle ditsietsi
Yea Lord
Tse nkgathatsang
Yea Lord
Tsa lefase
Yea Lord
Ntate ke role tsohle
Ntate ke role tsohle
Yeahh Lord
Yeah Lord
Yeah Lord Jesus
Ke mmolelle (Ke molelle ditsietsi)
Tse nkgathatsang (tse nkgathatsang tsa lefatshe)
Jesus Jesus Jesus(ke role tsohle)
Ke role tsohle(tse ho nna)
Ke role tsohle(Lekunutung le Morena)
Eh Lord yea Lord yeahh lord yeahh Lord Jesus
Mmhh Lord
Yes Lord
And after i had opened up my heart telling him my
Problems he asked me a question he said why did you choose me?
And i said to him
Kubobonke othixo
Akekho o nje nga wee
Yea lord*l
Kuba inxheba zakhe
Eh eh heee hee
(Simikuna phakathi)
Simi kuna phakathi (simikuna phakathi)
Kubobonke, othixo!(Othixo)
Akekho o nje ngawe(O nje ngawe)
Kuba inxheba zakhe(kuba inxheba zakhe)
Kubi inxheba zikathixo
Zimi kuna phakathi(Simi kuna phakathi)
Zimi kuna phakathi(Simi kuna phakathi)
Zimi kuna phakathi hee eh eh
(Simu kuna phakathi)

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And then God said my child
I hear you but I’m still not convinced
Because were you come from
People worship other things
Why did you choose me?
And and i quicky remembered, that
Bophelo ke wena feela empa batho(empa batho)
Batho ga ba tsebe (ga ba)
Yea Lord (tsebe)
Ba lahlegetswi ke tsela(ba la)
Tsela ya nnete(hlegetswi)
Tsela ya Jeso(tswi ke tsela)
Tsela ya hao ya hoya
Lehodimong jeso(bakge)
Bakgelositswe ke sebe(lo sitswe)
Bakgelositswe ke dilo tsa lefase(tswe ke sebe)
Ehh heee ehhh
And God said now i understand
And now I recieve, I recieve what your telling me
And I’m giving you all that you wished for
And He, He then asked me what do you want me to do for you?
What, what do you want me to say?
And the only thing that i want just like Solomon i said
Thato ya hao e phethege yona
Bana ba hao (bana ba hao)
Bona ba kgethege (ba kgethege)
Ohhh thato, thato ya hao thato ya hao
E phethehe
Bana ba gago(bana)
Bana ba gago(ba gago)
Ba hlatsitsweng ka madi(ba kge)
Ba bitswang ka lebitso la hao Jeso (thege)
Thato ya hao (that


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