Prayers Against Eating In The Dream

What Does Eating In The Dream Mean?

Eating in a dream is risky. It is a terrible dream that not only disgraces the sufferer, but also exposes the victim to difficulties and places them in demonic bondage. It is the meal cooked by night caterers that pollutes your spirit man and instills disease in your body. Dream eating is a spiritual poison that can cripple your destiny. Dreaming about food is prevalent in persons who are dealing with basic issues or have an evil ancestor. The recurring dream concerning food represents the enemy’s plan to derail your advancement. Perhaps you’re wondering why this dream keeps happening at this time of year. Unfortunately, some dream interpreters have interpreted it as a symbol of kindness, despite the fact that it is a clear communication from the bowels of hell. Many people are scared that having this type of dream may result in them being demoted in life.

Some actions that took place when eating in the dream Eating your native food in the dream is bad. Eating a fried food in the dream is disturbing. Eating some rotten food is a dream of pollution. Eating fruits in the dream, in most cases, is highly witchcraft. Eating eggs is a sign of tragedy and marital problem. Eating yam, rice, beans, or other Nigerian food from the spiritual perspectives are all bad examples of evil dreams.



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