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Deitrick Haddon – I’m Blessed | Download Mp3, Lyrics

Download Deitrick Haddon – I’m Blessed Mp3, Lyrics

“I’m Blessed,” a song featured on Deitrick Haddon’s breakthrough 2010 album, Blessed & Cursed, is a celebration of faith and gratitude. In this soul-stirring song, Haddon’s captivating vocals take center stage as he delivers a powerful message of hope and resilience.

The infectious rhythm and uplifting melody of the song “I’m Blessed” have an undeniable ability to evoke a deep sense of joy and inspiration in anyone who listens. This song serves as a constant reminder that no matter how difficult life may become, there will always be a multitude of reasons to feel grateful and appreciative.

It serves as a beacon of hope and a source of encouragement during life’s most challenging moments, reminding us to count our blessings and find solace in the fact that there is always something positive to hold onto.

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Video: Deitrick Haddon – I’m Blessed

Lyrics: Deitrick Haddon – I’m Blessed

I’m out for blood
You messed with the wrong one
At the wrong time, you messed with me and my family

First You were a fool to underestimate me
I’ve got angels standing right beside me
I can start a war with just one command
You don’t know just who I am
I am the one that gonna break your back and make you
Remember that you ain’t all that
And devil you know what I was born to do assassinate
You and your demons too

I’m blessed, I’m blessed, I’m blessed
And you can’t curse what the Lord has blessed
Your voodoo won’t work cause I’m so blessed

I’m blessed, I’m blessed, I’m blessed
And you can’t curse what the Lord has blessed
Your spell won’t work cause I’m so blessed

Second You did it this time, I’m out for blood
You Jezebel try to wreck my life like the prophet
But it didn’t work it just took me higher
You ain’t nothing but a boldface liar
I’m going to be there when GOD toss you in the fire
We the people of GOD ain’t afraid no more
I’ve got the word in my hand just like Anais
I’m going to cut everything that’s anti-Christ

Imma show no mercy
Third The anointing is my deity and I’m about to detonate
You knew GOD’s hand was upon my life
You refused to cooperate
You messed with me you mess with the Father
I’m I’m just getting hotter
Walking in power look at your face you looking all sour
It’s making you sick,, you pulling out your spells
And tricks
You had to come through my angels first
And now your curse has been reversed
And I’m suiting up
Getting ready for war
I’m not taking no more
I’m not like the rest
Cause I’m so blessed

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