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Interpol seizes $300M, arrests 3,500 people in sting operation across Nigeria, Ghana, others

INTERPOL caught a lot of bad guys in Nigeria, Ghana, and other places and took away a whole lot of money, like 300 million dollars! INTERPOL announced that they finished a big police mission against people who commit crimes with money online.

They caught almost 3,500 people and took away their money, which was worth $300 million, from 34 countries. During Operation HAECHI IV, which took place from July to December 2023, the police were investigating seven different types of scams that happen online.

These scams included tricking people over the phone, pretending to be in love to get money, blackmailing people online, tricking people into giving money for fake investments, using illegal gambling to hide money, tricking businesses through email, and tricking people when they buy things online.

INTERPOL, which is an international organization that helps countries work together to fight crime, recently completed an operation in 34 different countries. Some of these countries include Argentina, Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, and the Cayman Islands. Other countries involved were Ghana, Hong Kong (China), India, and Indonesia, among many others.

INTERPOL is like a team of detectives called HAECHI IV. They worked together to find people who were doing bad things online, like stealing money. They used a special tool called I-GRIP to stop the bad guys from getting the stolen money. They also froze the bank accounts and accounts for things like virtual money that the bad guys were using. The police in Korea were looking for someone who did something bad related to gambling on the internet.

They searched for two years but couldn’t find the person. Finally, with the help of the police in the Philippines, they caught the bad person in Manila.

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