Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada 2024

In Canada, the demand for immigrant labour is increasing. Since 2015, Canadian firms have employed hundreds of thousands of these overseas workers each year, and the trend appears to be increasing. Providing over a hundred work permits is one approach to ensure foreign employment in Canada.

This article provides an overview of the numerous career opportunities available to foreign nationals in Canada, as well as the steps required to obtain a full scholarship for employment.

Job Description

There are several career opportunities accessible in Canada for overseas workers who need visa sponsorship to work legally and safely. Jobs on farms with significant employment prospects, as well as multiple Canadian businesses prepared to sponsor a worker’s visa application and employment in a variety of industries, are typical professions that provide this type of support.

Canada has achieved distinction for giving visa sponsorship; hiring of foreigners, free scholarships, and free visa sponsorships are all examples of its welcoming attitude toward outsiders. They also provide a range of driving jobs inside their boundaries.

Types Of Jobs Available In Canada With Visa Sponsorships

These positions in Canada are available to individuals with sponsored visas.

1. Caregiver

A caregiver is someone who looks for another person or themselves; this duty is undertaken by a wide range of caregivers, including family members and temporary caretakers.

Salary: Ranges from 32,000 – 65,000 Canadian dollars

2. Nanny Jobs

In private houses, nannies are in charge of keeping an eye on, encouraging, and tending to the children. For the children in their care to grow up safely and to be healthy, nannies are indispensable.

Salary: Ranges from 33,000 – 65,000 Canadian dollars.

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3. Home Care Provider Jobs:

A home care provider’s job is to assist those in need of everyday support in the comfort of their own homes. Services for in-home care are essential for preserving independence and raising standard of living.

Salary: Ranges from 40,000 – 66,000 Canadian dollars.

4. Health Care Assistant Jobs:

In a variety of healthcare environments, including clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and home care settings, healthcare assistants provide assistance and support to medical personnel. The role of healthcare assistants is critical in assisting patients with everyday tasks and enhancing their general wellbeing.

Salary: Ranges from 38,000 – 65,000 Canadian dollars.

5. Housekeeping Job

Housekeeping occupations cover a wide range of duties, many of which are related with keeping homes or businesses clean, functioning, and orderly. Housekeepers must maintain residents and visitors’ living spaces clean and comfortable.

Salary: Ranges from 28,000 – 46,000 Canadian dollars

6. Warehouse Worker

A warehouse employee’s duties may include accepting orders, stocking shelves, maintaining inventory, scanning products for product listings, and recording data from product listings. They may operate both within and outside of an organization to ensure that things are delivered to customers or businesses.

Salary: Ranges from 30,000 – 42,000 Canadian dollars.

7.General Labour

General labour is usually manual labour that does not require a formal education. Although this category may cover a wide range of vocations, general labor employment is most commonly found in manufacturing, logistics, construction, cleaning, and related industries.

Salary: Ranges from 26,000 – 45,000 Canadian dollars.

8. Washer/Cleaner Jobs

Washers/cleaners are frequently in charge of cleaning and maintaining a wide range of locations, including private homes, commercial buildings, hotels, and other establishments. Washers and cleaners are essential for preserving sanitary conditions and order in their respective areas.

Salary: Ranges from 22,000 – 47,000 Canadian dollars.

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9. Store Keeping Jobs

Storekeepers are in charge of keeping retail stores, warehouses, and distribution centers organised and controlled in terms of inventory and supplies. Storekeepers are essential for maintaining adequate inventory levels and seamless operations.

Salary: Ranges from 28,000 – 42,000 Canadian dollars.

10. Factory Worker Jobs:

In order to manufacture a wide range of items and maintain productive factories, the manufacturing sector primarily depends on the labor of factory workers who operate machinery, assemble products, and oversee production processes.

Salary: Ranges from 32,000 – 43,000 Canadian dollars.

11. Hotel Worker Jobs:

In the hospitality sector, hotel staff are in charge of many different duties. Hotel staff not only provide outstanding customer service to guests, but they are also essential to the smooth running of hotels.

Salary: Ranges from 32,000 – 55,000 Canadian dollars.

12. Truck Driving Jobs:

A truck driver’s employment demands them to move materials and goods over great distances with commercial vehicles. Truck drivers are critical to the logistics and transportation industries’ effective and timely delivery of goods.

Salary: Ranges from 36,000 – 55,000 Canadian dollars.

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13. Poultry Farm Worker

Workers at a poultry farm are in charge of cleaning and maintaining the facilities, helping with chicken processing, and seeing to the needs of the birds regarding food and water.

Salary: Ranges from CAD 25,000 to CAD 40,000 per year.

14. Security Worker

Security professionals are responsible for keeping a watch on the building and its occupants through tasks such as building inspections, property patrols, and surveillance equipment monitoring.

Salary: Ranges from 28,000 – 48,000 Canadian dollars.

15. Cashiers Jobs

Cashiers in retail stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and other institutions are responsible for organising transactions, providing customer service, and maintaining accurate purchase records. Cashiers must ensure that consumer transactions are swift and uncomplicated.

Salary: Ranges from 32,000 – 45,000 Canadian dollars.

16. Fruit picking Jobs

Fruit picking in fields and orchards is a physically taxing job. This is a seasonal activity that takes place when the fruits are ripe and ready to be picked at particular periods of the year.

Salary: Ranges from 30,000 – 42,000 Canadian dollars.

17. Farm Worker Jobs

Farm workers perform a multitude of tasks related to crop production, animal care, and farm maintenance, making them indispensable to the agricultural industry. The labor that farmers perform has a significant impact on their wealth and productivity.

Salary: Ranges from 36,000 – 55,000 Canadian dollars.

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