Why I left circular music for gospel – Ayo Agbaje

Why I left circular music for gospel

Why I left circular music for gospel – Ayo Agbaje

The esteemed gospel vocalist, Daniel Ayodele Agbaje, renowned among his devoted followers as Ayo Agbaje, has unveiled the rationale behind his departure from the realm of secular music to embark on his tenth endeavor within the sacred realm of gospel.

Agbaje confessed that he had come to the realization, over the course of bygone years, that he had been ardently pursuing the erroneous endeavors in life, dedicating a whole decade to the creation of repetitive music. A decade ago, he confessed, I found myself compelled to pursue music for monetary gain.

Regrettably, I faltered by succumbing to the allure of collaborating with the mainstream music industry, only to realize that it diverged from my true purpose and calling. Thankfully, through introspection, I managed to unearth my authentic self.

Through years of arduous labor and unwavering dedication, Agbaje has managed to ignite the spirits of youth with his sermons and singular musical approach, setting him apart from his gospel peers.

Agbaje, nevertheless, emphasized that his motivation stems not from material gain or any other worldly pursuit, but rather from an unwavering devotion to the divine and an ardent commitment to serving within the realm of God’s kingdom.


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